La Mona Golosa TOUR

You can book a private tour even with pick up service and once arrived at destination you will be guided on an exciting tour through our plantation surrounded by deep nature and you will be shown all the steps that crosses the Cocoa until you get to the finished chocolate product. With a little luck you will be able to spot the herds of monkeys that roam our land, the crocodiles of our small lake, and many other nice surprises.

D tours Costa Rica!

We will walk you through the Cacao Plantation, while sharing with you how La Mona Golosa Fram works to produce  DELICIOUS artisanal chocolate. From the choice of fruits, fermentation and dry up, to the grinding of the seeds! You'll have the chance to enjoy the traditional drink of our ancestor and off course you will experience making your own chocolate.

Optional ATV's Trail through our Cacao Plantation in the deep forest...

We are happy to inform you that we have finished preparing some fun trails to allow you to explore our Cacao plantation aboard ATV's